Stephen Foster and Estera Milman

We are pleased to announce our representation of

Alex Khomski



Brunette, 2015, 29 X 20 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Blonde, 2015, 29 X 20 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Lost, 2015, 28 X 34 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Volleyball, 2015, 30 X 28 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Flying School Girl, 2015, 26 X 34 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Fly Away, 2015, 26 X 34 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Bird Lover, 2015, 30 X 20 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Hostage, 2015, 28 X 34 inches, Giclee/Digital ink jet on canvas

Acquisition and Deaccessioning of Works of Art

Collections Development and Management

Investment Strategies and Agendas

The foundation of our consulting objectives involves serving clients (collectors or investors) who wish to build on existing collections or who wish to undertake collecting for the first time.

We can successfully access meritorious works by well known artists, dating from the late nineteenth century to the present. For a collector or investor with capped, but realistic resources, a collection of significance, aesthetically and historically, can be further developed or effectively assembled in a timely way.

In serving very specific investing or collecting agendas, Arts Northeast likens its work with clients to the curation of collections and investing ventures.

Our perspective is shaped by an articulate and coherent philosophy of investment which provides a framework for decision making by individuals, family home offices, wealth managers, and Estates and Trusts concerning asset allocation, diversification and management.

Arts Northeast, a fine arts advisory and consultancy, is primarily committed to working with the special interests of clients with existing fine arts assets or pending fine arts agendas. Our overall objective is to consult and advise on the acquisition and deaccessioning of works of art, to identify works meeting the criteria of the client, to facilitate their purchase and sale, to aid in the composition of coherent collections, and to become involved in the preparation of investment portfolios.

The firm's objectives, strategies and philosophies have been jointly shaped by its two principals, Stephen Foster and Estera Milman. Their business and broader fine arts experience spans over thirty years and is backgrounded by distinguished careers as art historians and researchers. Both have published widely in the arts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We feel that business, combined with significant backgrounds in higher education, program development and long term museum experience, well prepare both of us for the tasks undertaken by the firm.

For the most part, we pursue a concept of open inventory as the most beneficial way to precisely shape collections, large or small. This is predicated on the conviction that access to a large network of options far surpasses the contents of even the best inventories.

The two principals of the firm have been responsible for curating major exhibitions in the Americas, Europe and Asia and undertake curating for our clients as part of our work with collections, private, public or institutional.

Our past experiences in representation, collections management, curating, program building, and publication development, as well as long careers in teaching and research, have built an impressive network with experts, in a wide variety of fields, which richly expands the context and authority of our activities. We feel a responsibility to sell expertise as well as merchandise.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our firm's policies and objectives and to explore how they could serve your specific needs and interests.

Collectively, our credentials include the worldwide purchase and sale of works of art, the representation of private collectors in the Americas and Europe, the preparation, publication and sale of private collections, and the preparation and sale of artists' Estates. Both of the firm's principals have served as Directors of nationally and internationally recognized university programs. Additionally, we have served as consultants to numerous art museums, foundations, and publishers.

In the areas of service, we have acted as Reviewers for the National Endowment of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Getty Post-Doctoral Grant Program and have served as members of the editorial boards of University Presses and periodicals.

Stephen Foster received his Ph.D. in Art History from The University of Pennsylvania and has been the recipient of honors and awards from The National Endowment for the Humanities, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Getty Grant Program, The Mellon Foundation, and The Smithsonian. He served as the Director of the University of Iowa's Program for Modern Studies from 1988-1997.

Estera Milman received her B.F.A. in Painting, Printmaking and Film from the Rhode Island School of Design and her M.F.A. in Photography and Photomedia from the University of Iowa. She was the Founding Director of Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts and served as a Charter Member of Conceptual and Intermedia Arts Online (CIAO). Milman has been the recipient of grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Bottle Rack in silver, 48 X 32, mixed media on canvas, 2018

The Black Square, 24 X 24 inches, mixed media on canvas, 2012

American Icon, 24 X 24 mixed media on canvas, 2009

American Sub, height 9”, hard resin,
paint, plastic, wood, metal, 2016

All you need is love: Viagra, 29 X 28, mixed media on canvas, 2017

Life is beautiful: Prozac, 30 X 38, mixed media on canvas, 2017

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