High on Ice 2012 results

Taken from fsjarts.org web site:

The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners from the 8th Annual High On Ice Festival.

High on Ice 2012
High on Ice 2012


Carving events took place by professional and amateur carvers from January 13 to 15 in Centennial Park. The theme was ‘Forces of Nature’– which proved fitting after Fort St. John experienced weekend temperatures of -38 with windchill!

And the competition winners are…

Amateur Ice Carving

Media Challenge: Alaska Highway News “Owl”

Mayors Challenge: District of Taylor

Intermediate Competition:

 1st – Meadow River (Angela Lamothe, Dave Lamothe, Sarah Conkin, Nathan Conkin)

 2nd – Joie De Vivre (Suzon Anne Tremblay, Laurie Petrucci, Nicola Hedges)

 3rd – Ice Breakers (Andrew Blaney, Charity Blaney)

Professional Ice Carving

Single Block:

 1st – Dean Murray USA

 2nd – Chris Foltz USA

 3rd – Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA

Team Abstract:

 1st – Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA “Melodies of the Wind”

 2nd – Peter Vogelaar & Carl Schlichting CANADA “The Higgs Boson”

 3rd – John McKinnon & Denis Kleine CANADA “A Windy Day in the Park”

Team Realistic:

 1st – Dean Murray & Chris Foltz USA “Shhhhh…Calming the Fire”

 2nd – David David Ducharme & Jesse Forrester CANADA “The Chase”

 3rd – Woojay Poynter & Benjamin Rosenbaum USA “Rise of the New Year”

Thanks to all the volunteers, the competition was a huge success! The sculptures will remain in Centennial Park until they melt – so there is still time for families to come out, enjoy the displays, and have fun on the family ice slides!