December 11, 2014 Interview with Payge Fortier

 1. What are you working on?

I’m currently preparing a new body of work for a group show in February 2015 at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.

2. What matters to you most as an artist? 
My own personal development, I use my art as a self-therapy.

3. Any tips for balancing your artistic practice with the rest of your life?
I find dedicating a weekend to my art works well. Taking a weekend workshop helps refresh the mind allowing productive ideas to flow and also keeps you away from everyday distractions.

4. Who are your artistic influences? 
My artistic influences are mostly nature, my peers, impressionist art, and dreams.

5. How does the Peace Liard community influence your artistic practice?
The Peace Liard Community helps keep me involved in the art events in our area. Running a business and just living tends to saturate life. It’s beneficial for a person like me who sometimes needs a kick in the rear to make time for my work. 

6. Can you share a picture of your work and your working space?
I’m in the process of renovating our house so currently do not have a pic to share of my working space. Here is a photo of my acrylic painting “Horse Power” and of another acrylic painting “Reflection in the Tweeter.”


Horse Power by Payge Fortier


Reflection in the Tweeter by Payge Fortier