January 8, 2015 Interview with Frances Obie

1. What are you working on?

Currently I am working on a series of paintings in pastel which are an exploration of the unique character of the skies of the Peace Region. When I moved to Northern BC from southern Ontario last year, the first feature of the landscape which struck me was the vast expanse of sky and unusual cloud formations which take on different attributes from season to season. This subject has provided an ongoing source of fascination for me over the past year.

2. What matters to you most as an artist? 
Inspiration matters. There has to be something wonderful about the subject that makes me feel I have to paint it. Each painting then becomes a journey of a new discovery about the subject. It is important to me that the viewer shares my excitement and feels involved on an emotional level in the painting.

3. Any tips for balancing your artistic practice with the rest of your life?
My art practice comes first in my day. I paint early in the morning before I do anything else. That is the only way I can be sure it will get done.

4. Who are your artistic influences? 
John Constable, William Turner, Lyonel Feininger, Albert Handell, Mark Bowles and my father.

5. How does the Peace Liard community influence your artistic practice?The Peace Liard Art community has been a very positive influence over the past year. Alan White and Barry Moss of the Peace Gallery North have provided me with opportunities to show my work locally. I recently joined Flying Colours Artist Association and find the members who I have met to be very supportive and encouraging. This art community in general appears to be strong and thriving.

6. Can you share a picture of your work and your working space?

Obie Frances Miles to Go 12x24Miles to Go by Frances Obie

Obie Frances Virga 12x12

Virga by Frances Obie

For more information on Frances’ work, visit her website.