April 15, 2015 Interview with Iyan Bruvold

What are you working on?
I’ve been working on an album which is a slow process; it’s been a work in the making for quite a few years now. In fact the basic tracks were down even before our latest album, Son Stand Still, which may seem silly. Along with that, I’ve been doing shows and getting excited for the festival season.

2. What matters to you most as an artist?
What matters to me most is to never quit enjoying what I do, and so far it’s been an exciting adventure. Without a lot of support from my family, friends and my work letting me take the time off, it wouldn’t be so easy, and sometimes it still isn’t, but if there’s a will… .

3. Any tips for balancing your artistic practice with the rest of your life?
I’ve always felt my family comes first and, as anyone knows, being a musician can be a very lonely road if you choose to do it full time. It just isn’t feasible when you have children, and it takes a lot of traveling and constant moving to get your band out there and to find willing people to accept your art and to be successful. So basically I have a job to sustain my family and to pay for my craft.

4. Who are your artistic influences?
My biggest influences are the people who are truly my friends who get on stage at my beck and call for the countless shows we have played. It’s really a driving force to keep writing to know they have my back. Also the many performances I have been graced to see at the many festivals and venues we get to play around Western Canada.

5. How does the Peace Liard community influence your artistic practice?
I see the Peace Liard region as a working class community. Our economic bubble has seemed to see many people come into our region and it creates a cultural earthy soup mix to the good roots of what is already here. With the hard work of many people and volunteers, there are some places and venues that are gems to gather at and play. Sometimes it’s in basements, but if you look, you will find!!!

6. Can you share a picture of your work and your working space?


Listen to Iyan and his band, Folky Strum Strum, here: http://www.cfur.ca/artist/folky-strum-strum/