2017 Alaska Highway Anniversary Public Art Piece Underway!

With our amazing submissions to the 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway Theme Song Contest now in the hands of our judges, the PLRAC is turning its focus on the soon-to-be-announced call to artists in the region who want to be part of a one-of-a-kind art project – a modified trencher used in the building of the Alaska Highway. Today two (Emilie Mattson and Karl Mattson) of our four co-curators (Brian Jungen, Adrienne Greyeyes, Emilie Mattson and Karl Mattson) had a look at the canvas! 


Karl Mattson with Trencher
Emilie Mattson with Trencher
Detail of Trencher
Detail of Trencher
Donna Kane introducing Trencher to Emilie Mattson and Karl Mattson