Call for Submissions: Peace-Liard Visual Artists (Deadline December 15, 2016)

(Note: for more information on the overall project, visit our Public Art Sculpture Project Page)

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the confederation of Canada and the 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway, the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council is working with curators Adrienne Greyeyes, Emilie Mattson, and Karl Mattson and Advisor Brian Jungen to modify a Caterpillar Trencher used in the building of the Alaska Highway into a Public Art Sculpture. The sculpture will be permanently displayed at the NAR Park in Dawson Creek.

Conceptual Design of PLRAC Public Art Sculpture

The PLRAC is inviting regional artists to submit design ideas for one of the components of the sculpture as outlined below:

Detail of Existing Tracks before Modification



  • Submit design that will work as impressions or “tracks” reflecting the artist’s perception of northeast BC as it relates to the history of the Alaska Highway.
  • In creating designs, artists should keep in mind that these impressions will be laser-cut into metal plates installed on the Caterpillar’s tracks (detail depicted above). Designs should be as simple and as clear as possible. The finished designs will be roughly 8”x8”.
  • 3-5 designs will be chosen by the curators and advisor of the project.
  • Designs may also be used in promotional material (e.g. brochures, postcards, art prints)
  • Artists whose designs are chosen will receive $500.

What to Send

  • Good quality jpgs (min. 1 MB) titled with artist’s name and title of design
  • An artist statement about the design
  • A short statement about yourself
  • Images should be emailed to


All submissions must be received by Donna Kane at no later than midnight on December 15, 2016.

Trencher as Canvas