Public Art Sculpture on Canada 150 Website



The Peace-Liard Regional Arts Council is both proud and excited to be a part of the activities in 2017 through the Canada 150 Grants for our Public Art Sculpture. Check out the announcement and listing link below.

Canadian communities are at the heart of the Canada 150 celebrations. The Government of Canada is supporting community projects across the country that will offer unforgettable opportunities at local and regional levels. Our rich local cultures will be showcased, satisfying visitors’ need for authentic experiences, one of today’s key tourism trends. Get involved with local organizations and support projects that will make your community shine. Find out about the activities in your area by visiting the Canada 150 website, with more to come!


“Join in the projects and events that will electrify the country in 2017! These celebrations will enrich domestic tourism and boost Canada’s international reputation, and they cannot succeed without your support.”


Andrew Campbell, Senior Executive Director, Federal Secretariat Canada 150