Emergence Unveiled!

It was a bit like a wedding! Thursday, August 10th was the pre-unveiling celebration dinner, Friday August 11th was the unveiling event with 100 people in attendance followed by a packed house wind-up gathering at the Rolla Pub and Saturday August 12th was a post-unveiling gathering. What a whirlwind it’s been, but after two years of work and 3 days of celebration, Emergence is complete. We look forward to years of dialogue from all who have a chance to view it at its permanent location at the NAR Park in Dawson Creek. A huge thanks again to everyone who made this project such a great success!

Below are some links to press releases, interviews and photos. You can view much more on our Facebook page!


PLRAC Facebook Page


Sustainable Dawson Creek, August 12, 2017


CBC Radio West Monday August 14, 2017 Radio Interview


CJDC-TV News, Monday August 14, 2017


CBC News British Columbia, Tuesday August 15, 2017


Friday, August 18, 2017