Words North Merchandise

Feast your eyes on these! Hand printed Words North designs on moleskine journals by regional artist Mary Mottishaw – these beautiful journals will be available at Words North.

Read below for a description from Mary about the process:

“I am pleased for the opportunity to embellish the covers of the Words North journals.

I considered the symbols, lettering and colours of the logo and played with designs, selecting two. I carved two blocks, a small one with the letters removed and a larger one with the negative space removed, leaving the image.

For ease of working I used water-based inks applied to the blocks with a roller. The paper is set over the inked block and hand rubbed to transfer the image. The process is repeated for each print paying attention to paper placement so that each image is similar.

Old style composition books and photo albums inspired the traditional label style.

I created a more modern look by using the larger block vertically on the cover and printing directly onto the cover. For variety I used black, grey and orange inks.

To give the overall design a bit more presence I hand coloured by using two similar shades of pencil layered over one another for the second colour.

The final result is 30 journals in 2 designs: the vertical design is available in 3 colourways.”

For information on everything Words North, visit the festival site.