Arts North East Leadership Grant

Arts North East provides Member Organizations Leadership Grants of up to $1,000 for expenses incurred to attend professional development opportunities (conferences, workshops, etc.) that benefit arts, culture, or heritage in northeast BC. ANE prioritizes projects that encourage knowledge sharing within the Member Organization or the broader community.

  1.  Organization Members of Arts North East are eligible.
  1. Applications are received on a rolling basis year-round until November 30th each year.
  2. The Member Organization must complete the application form below or request an application form from the ANE Executive Director at
  3. A Grants Subcommittee will adjudicate the application for approval. The applicant will be notified of the results within four weeks.

  4. Following approval, the Executive Director will issue payment (e-transfer or check) to the Member Organization.

The committee will base its decision on the assessment criteria listed below:

  1. A clear objective
  2. A clear description of planned activities
  3. Clear benefits to the organization and broader community
  4. How will the funds be used? For example, purchasing airfare, accommodations, meals, Etc.

Arts North East appreciates the use of its logo in all promotional material, publications, and programs associated with the grant. A logo will be provided to the applicant upon approval of a Grant.

Recipients of a grant are asked to submit a brief written report to ANE after their project. These reports can be emailed to

Arts BC Conference

Leadership Grant Application