Writers Featured at Words North 2018

Here are the talented writers from across the region and country who will be giving readings and presentations at the 2018 Words North!

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Eileen Bassett

Eileen Bassett was born in Colorado, but has lived in Dawson Creek for many years. She married Richard Bassett when she was 17 and continues to live on the farm they created. When Richard required home dialysis, Eileen served as his primary caretaker. During those years, Eileen began a memoir. While working on the memoir, Eileen also wrote short stories. In 2008, the Edmonton Journal published one of those, titled “The Last Ride.” The story remained on the Edmonton Journal’s website for six weeks during the time in which Edmonton played host to the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Eileen entered the 77th Annual Writers Digest Competition with a short story in the Inspirational Writing Category, titled “The Seventh Commandment.” The competition attracted over 17,000 entries, and her short story was awarded an Honorable Mention, placing her story in the top 100 stories submitted. The editor wrote and said, “Your success in the face of such formidable competition speaks highly of your writing talent, and should be a source of great pride as you continue in your writing career.” Eileen draws much courage from that sentence as she continues writing her memoir. When her husband passed away in 2013, she found that she couldn’t write at all, and only recently feels that she can return to her memoir, which will have a very much different ending than first planned.

Eileen will read from her work on Friday night at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery starting at 7 pm.


Marilyn Belak

Marilyn Belak lives in Dawson Creek.  She has participated in the Moberly Lake Writing Retreats, Sage Hill Writing Experience, Banff Centre Wired Writing, The Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, MK Artists Camp and Enlichenment, Enlivenment & the Poetics of Place.  Marilyn is published in Canadian Literary journals including The Malahat Review, The Antigonish Review and Northword.  Her work appears in the anthologies The Enpipe Line – 70,000 kms of poetry written in resistance, Unfurled – Collected Poetry from Northern BC Women  and Boobs – Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts.  She has been featured online including in Pandora’s Collective, Treeline and Leaf Press Monday’s Poem.

Marilyn will read from her work on the evening of Saturday September 29 at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Dori Braun

Dori Braun is a singer/songwriter from the  Dawson Creek area. She is a founding member of Peace Songwriters. She writes and sings about life’s transitions and relationships intermixed with imagery of the Peace River Area’s seasons and weather. Dori has always been a strong advocate of human rights, and her songs reflect her concerns of equality and fairness for all. Along side her music, Dori is also a potter/ sculptor and has taught ceramics since the 1980’s. She currently resides in Beaverlodge Alberta where she runs her own ceramic studio.

Dori will perform on Thursday night with the Songwriters of the Peace.


C.C. Brooks

Born Craig Cameron Brooks in Fort St. John B.C. on September 22nd. C.C. was immersed into the music world by his parents at the early age of 7. He toured extensively across Canada in the band Simon Kaos from the time he graduated until the late 90’s when he returned to the Peace Country to raise his two children.

Drawing inspiration from likes of Bruce Sringsteen, John Couger, Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovette, his passion for songwriting and performing is evident with every note that he plays and sings on stage, bringing a vibrant intensity to each show with the help of a group of talented individuals known as The Roadside Distractions. Early in 2013 C.C. teamed up with award winning producer John Ellis (Ridley Bent, Doc Walker, Aaron Prichette, Tara Oram) to record his first solo effort . He continues to write and spends his time in his hometown of Fort. St. John and his new home in Nashville Tennessee where he performs live at writing “rounds” whenever time allows.

Craig will perform his original music on Friday Saturday 28th starting at 7 pm at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.


James Brooks

James Brooks is a unique bass guitarist and songwriter living in the peace region. Deeply rooted in both country and rock, his songs express the strong emotions of love, loss and the determination of relationships. Years of performing, in all genres of music, has inspired his rhythmic bass playing style. His rich vocals, often accompanied by his wife Kathy, leaves audiences hooked and humming along.

At Words North, James will be performing as part of the Peace Songwriters Coffeehouse Thursday evening at 8 pm.


Rob Brown

Since beginning in 2001 Brown has more than 20 AWNA, MCNA, CCNA, BNA, and other writing, photography, and media awards. He is part of an exclusive club with more than 10,000 news stories filed, for daily/weekly print products in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. He’s written 25-ish plays for the stage having roughly 10 produced thus far. He’s a 2005 Alberta Centennial citizen of the year, and northern BC’s 2017 culture ambassador.  He has been writing daily since 1993. Thousands of poems.

Rob will take part in Stop the Presses at 3 pm at KPAC and in the Script Table Reading at 6 pm at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, both on Friday September 28th.


Iyan Bruvold

“The process of songwriting started after I bared my soul singing a song I wrote to a band member. He endorsed what he heard, and we started a band playing the songs we had until we disbanded in 1999. Since 2003, I felt the need to start a band which we did and because of that acquired the name Folky Strum Strum which I have toured with until now. Writing is an integral way of expression and I view it as necessary as the music itself when I listen and hear a song.”

Iyan will be leading Show and Tell with Songs with Naomi Shore on Saturday at 1 pm at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre. Iyan will also be showcasing his songs on Friday night at 7 pm at  the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.


Amy Crandall

Amy Crandall is a seventeen-year-old avid reader and novelist born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. She began writing in elementary school, publishing her first story on Wattpad.com at the age of thirteen. With the support of her loved ones and newfound friends on the site, Amy continued to share her thoughts and interests in the form of storytelling.

Before her Wattpad.com days, she was published in A Celebration of Poets – Summer 2012 (Creative Communication, 2012) for her poem “My Garden.” That experience only drove her desire to further pursue writing. Her first full-length novel, Delusions, was a featured story on Wattpad.com, reaching #7 in the mystery/thriller genre, and surpassing 115,000 reads before its publishing.

When she isn’t envisioning a new story plot, Amy can be found camping with loved ones, getting lost in a great read, jamming to her favourite tunes, or giving in to her craving of Timmies’ iced lemonades.

Amy will be reading at the Student Reading on Sunday September 30th at the Dawson Creek Public Library.


Zoe Ernst

“From a young age I was always playing pretend with friends, pretending we were magical princesses or playing barbies. As I grew older, pretend play got me into reading and role playing online with people all over the world. My favourite literature has always been fantasy and mythology.

My mind is filled with different, partly formed, stories. A couple years ago I started writing fan fiction for the many different fandoms I am in, but I never managed to find the motivation to finish them. This eventually moved to me writing  original stories. Most of the time I write fiction that is based off of real life with a few twists, but for short stories I use prompts I find online. One thing I always try to work into my stories, if I can, is a meaning. In fact, if I can, I work a meaning into all the stories.”

A student living in Tumbler Ridge, Zoe will read from her work at the Student Reading Sunday September 30th at the Dawson Creek Public Library beginning at 10 am.


Wayne Ezeard

Wayne Ezeard  is a published author and poet, a performing songwriter with three CDs and two DVDs. Wayne wrote a weekly article for the local newspaper in the early 1990s and hosts a radio show on Peace FM every
Saturday night. He and his wife Helen have lived in the Peace Country for many years. Much of Wayne’s inspiration has come from the area and the many different characters he has met along the way.

At Words North, Wayne will be performing as part of the Peace Songwriters Coffeehouse Thursday evening at 8 pm.


Fellers Heights Toast ‘n KD


Fellers Heights Toast ‘n KD (FHTNKD) combines the soulful, torch burning vocal stylings and multi-instrumental talents of Northern B.C native Jodi Abel with the East coast feel of guitarist Troy Rushton to form a duet that explores various genres of music. Writing original music and performing cover tunes in their own unique way with a healthy dose of foolishness and humor.

At Words North, FHTNKD will be performing as part of the Peace Songwriters Coffeehouse Thursday evening at 8 pm.


Patrick D. Ferris

Patrick D. Ferris is an author of five novels including the romance/cycling series Gypsies featuring the enduring and patient character, Giselle Barnett. His latest Disciples series features character Terry Reid investigating murder in a politically charged futuristic America. An avid cyclist, Ferris worked the oil fields before returning to his first love with a local bike shop. He lives in the wilds of northern B.C. with his wife Patricia and Kirby the Wonder Dog.

At Words North, Pat will be sharing his knowledge as part of the Publishing Presentation Friday September 28th at 10 am at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Denise Gardiner

Inspired by early French-Canadian folk melodies and French ballads her Mother sang in her beautiful soprano voice, Denise Gardiner has been making up stories and songs since she was very little. In the Maritimes, there was music everywhere and she still has fond memories of Aunt Marthe’s kitchen parties in her ancient farmhouse. Many evenings also included story telling and reciting poetry. Denise’s father had an extensive memorized repertoire of poems. Kids were encouraged to participate and there was often healthy competition between siblings and cousins. Then, from the age of seven, Denise immersed herself in classical Romantic music. Today, it still influences her melody crafting. Mother Nature and family and community activities are also a never-ending source of inspiration both for the music and the written words. Denise is on a journey, all absorbing, never ending, with no boring moments; where every success and failure hopefully leads her up higher, closer to excellence; and if she can touch the listener’s soul and awaken emotion, she considers it “work well done.”

Denise will perform on Thursday night with the Songwriters of the Peace.


Theresa Gladue

Theresa Gladue is an outstanding member of the Dawson Creek community and an important advocate for Indigenous people in the area. She has been awarded many distinctions — she was the first Indigenous person to receive Dawson Creek’s Citizen of the Year and the first Indigenous Councillor for the City of Dawson Creek. Co-founder of the Aboriginal Women’s Awareness Resource Society and founder of Ōma Productions (a group that brings together all community members who share an interest in providing entertainment through the arts), her success in recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers has greatly enhanced arts and culture in the community. Theresa’s extraordinary ability to mobilize and inspire dedication from community members is evident in everything she does. Theresa has played an instrumental role in helping the community to better understand racism and other important social issues. Theresa is also a well known playwright and producer of plays and concerts which address cultural diversity. She created a drumming song for the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council’s 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway Theme Song CD.

At Words North Theresa will provide the Welcome and will read from her work on Friday night at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.


Helen Knott

Helen Knott is a Dane-zaa and Nehiyawak writer, spoken word poet, and advocate from the Prophet River First Nations living in Fort St. John, BC. Currently completing a Masters in First Nations Studies at UNBC, Helen was recently named one of 16 Nobel laureate-honoured world activists and one of 150 Indigenous Canadian artists honored with the Hnyatyshyn Foundation REVEAL Indigenous Art Award. She has published short stories and poetry in the Malahat ReviewRed Rising Magazine, CBC Arts, the Surviving Canada Anthology, alongside other publications and poetry video productions. Helen has forthcoming academic pieces that focus on connecting violence against Indigenous lands and bodies. Her first book is a memoir that weaves in poetry entitled, In My Own Moccasins Now, to be released in Fall 2019 by the University of Regina Press.

At Words North, Helen will be taking part in the panel discussion, Writing to Engage Community, at 10 am, presenting From Hard Lines to Heart Lines  at 2 pm and reading from her work starting at 7 pm, all on Saturday September 29th at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Tracy Krauss

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published novelist, playwright, and artist with several award winning and best selling novels, stage plays, devotionals and children’s books in print. Her work strikes a chord with those looking for thought provoking faith based fiction laced with romance, suspense and humor – no sugar added. She holds a B.Ed from the U of S and has lived in many remote and interesting places in Canada’s far north. She and her husband currently reside in beautiful BC where she continues to pursue all of her creative interests.  http://tracykrauss.com “Fiction on the edge – without crossing the line”  Contact: tracy@tracykrauss.com

At Words North, Tracy will be sharing her knowledge as part of the Publishing Presentation Friday September 28th at 10 am at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre. She will also be reading from her work Friday evening at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.


Judy Kucharuk

Judy Kucharuk is a published nonfiction author, as well as a weekly columnist for the Dawson Creek Mirror and the Alaska Highway News. Every week she submits her column from The Desk of the Green-Eyed Girl and tackles subjects from family life to politics and beyond – sharing her perspective and voice. Judy’s first book, Naked Tuesday, was a released in 2016 and has been described as “a tender and wickedly funny book that grapples with addiction, depression, aging and everything else life throws our way.” Kucharuk is currently finishing her second book, Lowered Expectations. This newest work of creative nonfiction will contain the same signature self-deprecating whimsy and biting satire as Naked Tuesday and Kucharuk hopes that it will be just as relatable to her readers. Judy is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker and an on-air columnist for CBC Radio Daybreak North.

Judy will be serving as moderator at Words North for Stop the Presses which takes place at 3 pm on Friday September 28th at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre and giving a reading Friday night at the Dawson Creek Arts Gallery.


Jeannie Lindgren

For Jeannie Lindgren, writing is a compulsion. Once a poem or essay begins in her mind it will not leave her alone until she acknowledges it and records it somehow. And so it is that she writes. She is privileged to be part of a small local writers group that keeps her inspired and motivated. She is delighted to be part of the Songwriter’s Coffee House on Thursday night.


Jeanette Lynes

Jeanette Lynes‘ second novel, The Small Things That End The World, was just released by Coteau Books. Her first novel, The Factory Voice, was long-listed for the Scotia Bank Giller Prize and a ReLit Award. Jeanette is also the author of seven books of poetry; her most recent collection, Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems, received the 2016 Saskatchewan Arts Board Poetry Award. Her poetry recently appeared in The Anti-Languorous Project and Forget Magazine. Jeanette directs the MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan.

At Words North, Jeanette will be taking part in the panel discussion, Writing to Engage Community, giving a presentation, reading from her work, all on Saturday September 29th at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre and emceeing the student reading on September 30th at the Dawson Creek Public Library.


Dean Mattson

Dean Mattson is a mixed media artist, poet, painter, cartoonist, songwriter, and vocalist. Dean will read from his work on the evening of Saturday September 29 at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Dave McGowan

Dave McGowan has been a cowboy, forest fire fighter, heavy equipment operator, farmhand, gardener, road musician and businessman. He has lived in several areas in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and played music in several areas through-out North America. He and Karen are the proud seniors to four children and eight grand-children. He now writes and works as a commercial driver in Northern British Columbia.


Brenda McQueen Neil

Brenda McQueen Neil has dabbled with writing for years—since grade three to be exact—but has only just recently been able to devote time to a manuscript. At present, she is shopping Knife, her first suspense novel, through the glacially-paced traditional publishing world. She is a grandma of 11 (or 12, depending on when you read this).

Brenda will read from her work on the evening of Saturday September 29 at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Jenna Morland

Jenna Morland is the author of the just released Empress Unveiled published by Oftomes Publishing. She is a Canadian born author and mother of two who lives under the Northern Lights. Slytherin to the core, Jenna’s ambition to write her debut novel happened somewhere between training for a triathlon and putting her kids to bed. But it was her determination to follow through that landed her a publishing deal. Growing up, her wild imagination thrived off of reading and her most desired hobby was to let a book completely consume her. Unlike many writers, Jenna never wrote in a diary. She dreaded English class and she never dreamt that one day she would write a novel. Until she did.

At Words North Jenna will present the noon hour table presentation Twitter Pitch Party! Saturday September 29th in the KPAC Theatre.


Barb Munro

Barb Munro is a Canadian Singer/ Songwriter from Northern B.C. Music is a long time passion for Barb. Her music style comes with a Folksy/Country edge to it. Throughout Barb’s career she has performed across the country and has been featured on CBC TV and radio. The title of her most recent CD is Father’s Daughter. Barb’s original song “97th Regiment” was chosen for the 75th
Anniversary of the Alaska Highway compilation CD.

At Words North, Barb will be performing as part of the Peace Songwriters Coffeehouse Thursday evening at 8 pm.


Jasmine Netsena

Music is Jasmine Netsena’s first language. From the age of five, the award-winning singer-songwriter, who is of the Dene and Tahltan Nations, learned to sing from her grandmothers in their Indigenous languages. Classical voice training only strengthened that bedrock, and now, Jasmine has been honing her songwriting and guitar skills for close to 15 years. Jasmine released her debut album, Take You With Me, in 2014. For her second record, she uses her voice to uncover long-buried issues. The daughter of a residential school survivor, Jasmine wants to use music to add to the dialogue of intergenerational healing. Jasmine has charmed audiences in New York City, Nashville and across Canada. She is the first recipient of the 2018 Socan Indigenous Songwriter Award. In 2014, the Fort Nelson, B.C. resident won Best Folk/Acoustic Album in the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards and was nominated for at Indigenous Songwriter of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. She’s been featured on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network show Rising Stars, and in 2012, she performed at the Grand Ole Northern Opry with Grammy Award winner Laurie Lewis.  You can learn more about her and listen to her music at www.jasminenetsena.com

At Words North, Jasmine will take part in the panel discussion, Writing to Engage Community at 10 am, presenting Writing as Ceremony at 3 pm and present a collaborative performance with Helen Knott at 7 pm, all on Saturday September 29th, all at KPAC.


Matt Preprost

Matt Preprost is an award-winning editor and reporter from Winnipeg, where he began his career at the Winnipeg Free Press in 2008. He joined the Alaska Highway News in 2013, and was appointed editor in 2015. He was most recently recognized by the BC & Yukon Community Newspaper Association with a bronze for newspaper excellence and silver for editorial writing.

Matt will take part in Stop the Presses at 3 pm at KPAC and in the Script Table Reading at 6 pm at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, both on Friday September 28th.


Ronnie Pelletier

Ronnie Pelletier is an indie author, editor, speaker and publisher living in Fort St. John. She writes and publishes her own books under two pen names — romance and non-fiction under Ronnie Roberts and Science Fiction under R.R. Roberts. Ronnie also freelances as a plot doctor and editor. Ronnie has been writing her whole life, winning her first writing award in third grade for a play about sending all the elderly to live on the moon, which, as it turned out, was a huge mistake, as they took much of the world’s wisdom with them. After receiving the homemade wooden plaque one of her classmate’s father had made, there was no going back. She was hooked for life. Ronnie went the traditional route in the nineties, discovered indie publishing in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She divides her time between two homes –one beside a golf course (she does not golf!) and the other an off-the-grid cabin in the woods. In the fall of each year, she returns to civilization with a freshly written book under her arm only to be totally flummoxed by what has occurred in the world in her absence.

At Words North, Ronnie will be sharing her knowledge as part of the Publishing Presentation Friday September 28th at 10 am at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Rebekah Rempel

Rebekah Rempel studied creative writing at the University of Victoria. Her poems have appeared in the anthologies Refugium: Poems for the Pacific (Caitlin Press), Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia (Mother Tongue Publishing), and Unfurled: Collected Poetry from Northern BC Women (Caitlin Press), as well as various journals, including Room Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Prairie Fire, and Lake. She lives in Pouce Coupe with her husband and son.

At Words North, Rebekah will be taking part in the Publishing Presentation Friday September 28 at 10 am, giving a workshop titled The Poetic Line (Saturday September 29 at 10 am) and reading from her work Saturday night, all at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Clea Roberts

Clea Roberts lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. She was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, but Whitehorse has been her home for the past 15 years. Her debut collection of poems, Here Is Where We Disembark (Freehand Books, 2010) was a finalist for the League of Canadian Poets’ Gerald Lampert Award for best first book of poetry in Canada, was nominated for the ReLit Award and was published in German (Edition Rugerup, 2013) and Japanese (Shichosha 2017). Clea’s poems have been published in journals and anthologies in Canada, Europe, the United States and Australia. She has received fellowships from the Canada Council for the Arts, Vermont Studio Centre, the Atlantic Centre for the Arts, the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity and is a five-time recipient of the Yukon Government Advanced Artist Award. Clea facilitates a workshop on poetry and grief through Hospice Yukon and was the Artistic Director of the Kicksled Reading Series. Auguries, her second collection of poetry, was published by Brick Books in Spring 2017.

On Friday, September 28th, Clea will be taking part in the panel discussion, Writing to Engage Community, giving a presentation titled Speaking the Unspeakable, both at KPAC, and reading from her work that evening at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.


Naomi Shore

Sarah Sovereign Photography

Naomi Shore is a folk/roots artist from Northern BC, a lover of storytelling and sad songs. Her songwriting is honest, vulnerable and relatable. Her debut solo album, Piece by Piece, will be released in early 2019.

With her duo project, Twin Peaks, Naomi has had the good fortune of touring most of Canada as well as the East Coast of Australia. In 2015 Twin Peaks were awarded the Western Canadian Music Award for Roots Duo/ Group Recording of the Year for their album Trouble.

Naomi will be leading Show and Tell with Songs with Iyan Bruvold on Saturday at 1 pm at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre.


Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a Chetwynd-based guitarist who dreams of travelling around the world with a motorcycle strapped to his guitar. So far, Canada and New Zealand are checked off of the list – who knows which country will be next? Mainly an acoustic guitarist by choice, Ian refuses to be intimidated by electricity. His tastes in tunes run the gamut from pop to country, jazz to rock and pretty well anything you can imagine (although he tends to suffer from metal fatigue at times). Always listening for the big notes and the spaces between them, Ian believes that timing is everything.

Ian will be performing Thursday night with the Peace Songwriters.


Bill Studley

Bill Studley was born and raised in the Peace River country. He has played in numerous country bands over the years. Bill plays guitar and is a songwriter, a poet, and is currently writing a novel. Currently he plays solo or with his partner, Linda Connell Studley. Bill is also a sound and recording engineer and produced the couple’s Christmas CD, which includes many original and cowritten songs. Bill is the president of the Peace Songwriters and has been a part of that group for over two decades.

Bill will be performing Thursday night with the Peace Songwriters.


Linda Connell Studley

Linda Connell Studley is a Canadian musician, songwriter, vocalist, performer, and artist who plays guitar, bodhran (Irish drum), and bass.

Linda’s repertoire includes original and cover music in the folk, jazz, country and easy listening genres. As a director of the Peace Region Songwriters’ Association for over 20 years, she has hosted and facilitated songwriters’ workshops and songwriters’ circles. Linda has written theme songs for special events, AIDS Awareness, and other charitable causes and educational programs.

You can hear or purchase Linda’s music on her website at lindaconnellstudley.com

Linda is also a poet and has released a book of poetry titled “Falling Awake”. She posts poetry on her writing blog at lindastudley.com

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Linda is now based out of northern British Columbia. Since her first appearance onstage in Montreal in 1973, she has played a wide variety of venues from festivals to private concerts and has been featured live on CBC Radio.  She is a versatile vocalist and writer whose musical career and songwriting has encompassed traditional/folk music, rock and roll, pop, country, blues and jazz.

Linda will be performing Thursday night with the Peace Songwriters.


Emmerson Van Oort

“Hi, I’m Emmerson Van Oort. I’m 13 years old this year and have an older sister of 14. I enjoy a peaceful life in the center of Dawson Creek with both of my parents and my sister. Things I like to do would be reading (a lot), math, strategy games, work (I’m too young to hate it), and, obviously, writing.

Currently, I’m writing on an app called Wattpad. I prefer to write historical fiction with a mix of fantasy over anything else. Actually, this is my first book, so I’ve never written anything else. My book is called The Royal Search. The description of the book is “Princess Makenna has run away to seek out her mother’s killer Mak, aka the mysterious mercenary. As Makenna finds her way through an underground city amidst the trials of love and the piercing feeling of loss, she must find a way to conceal her identity, her true feelings, and this new power within.” Quite the mouthful, right? So far, I have 203 reads, with readers from Iraq, Zimbabwe, United States, and Canada. I’m doing a competition and the results are due any day now.”

Emmerson will be reading at the Student Reading on Sunday September 30th starting at 10 am at the Dawson Creek Public Library.


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