2020 Regional Juried Art Exhibit

Welcome to the 38th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit and the 2nd Annual Ekphrastic Writing Contest

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Regional Juried Art Exhibit went virtual!


Visit our 2020 Exhibition Page for all the details from this year’s show.



What does this mean to go virtual?
  1. Artists will submit registrations as usual by email (edplrac@gmail.com) or by post (Box 27, Rolla, BC V0C 2G0) – deadline for registration remains April 27, 2020

  2. Registration fees can be made by cheque, money order, via e-transfer to edplrac@gmail.com or by using the Pay Pal option on the PLRAC website www.peaceliardarts.org .

  3. Artists must include, with their registrations, digital images of the work being submitted.

  4. Below are some good resources on how to photograph your artwork:

    a) Using a traditional camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpj28da03JQ

    b) Using your IPhone: https://willkempartschool.com/how-to-photograph-your-paintings-with-your-iphone/

  5. Adjudication will be completed via the online gallery.

  6. If you feel you need more support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Kane at edplrac@gmail.com .

    As well, we will review your digital image(s) upon receipt and work with you as needed to ensure the quality of your photographed work is consistent with other submissions.
We hope that this change will not impact the success of this year’s show, and, indeed, we hope the change will provide an opportunity for artists to enhance their portfolio skills. Documenting your work is an essential part of promoting yourself as an artist, and so we hope you will see this as a valuable investment of your time. 

We are also looking at exciting ways to connect artists with this year’s adjudicators, so stay tuned. More updates will be sent in the next few weeks as well as posted on this website and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/peaceliardregionalartscouncil/ . 

We thank you for your understanding in these challenging times and wish you and yours good health and safety and perhaps some extra time to work on your wonderful art for this year’s Regional Juried Art Exhibit. Together we can make this an exciting event!

Note: Ekphrastic Juried Exhibit will be launched at the 2020 Wild Words North.

The RJAE is a prestigious event that provides emerging and seasoned artists with the opportunity to exhibit their artwork and  network with fellow artists within the Peace River and the Northern Rockies regions of British Columbia.

Jurors for the 2020 RJAE are assistant curator of Two Rivers Gallery, Meghan Hunter-Gauthier and Canadian Metis artist Kim Stewart (see full bios below).

Click on the links provided here, and below, to download the 2020 RJAE brochure, Entry Form A B (note: print out on legal size paper) and 2020 RJAE Artist Statement Form C (Registration Deadline is April 27, 2020)

RJAE 2020 Brochure

2020 RJAE Entry Form A B (Print out on Legal Size Paper)

2020 RJAE Artist Statement Form C


3rd Annual Youth Art Exhibit Information

The 3rd Annual Youth Art Exhibit will also be a virtual event for 2020.

Please refer to the guidelines above for registration and submission.


Dates to Remember:

Registration Deadline: Monday April 27, 2020

Jurying of Exhibit: Friday, May 8, 2020 

Virtual Announcement of Awards: Friday, May 8, 7 pm

Artist Talks: Saturday, May 9 – note that we re working toward having these talks available via video

Meghan Hunter-Gauthier: Art & Impossible Questions 

As a curator, Hunter-Gauthier has begun to consider the ability of art, within the context of public exhibition, to respond to contemporary environmental issues and influence social change. The visual arts have long been a platform to give voice to the natural environment, however, as an industry, it can be very wasteful. The visual arts utilize many materials, make regular use of shipping, and value large, climate controlled buildings. How can artists and art galleries navigate these realities while contributing to meaningful dialogue around environmental concerns? Hunter-Gauthier will consider this and other impossible questions, while providing examples of how the field of visual art is responding to the ecological, social, and political repercussions of a planet in environmental flux.

Kim Stewart: From “Art World” to “Culture Network”: How can an artist survive in this changing climate? If you are you feeling lost when marketing and promoting your work, you are not alone. We will talk about significant changes to what is considered art, how and where art is sold, and how you can evolve your art practice to stay relevant in 2020 and beyond.


Meet the Jurors for the 2020 RJAE

Meghan Hunter-Gauthier is a curator whose work is concerned with exploring the relationships between rural and urban spaces, as well as how humans perceive and value the natural environment. She holds a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCAD University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Administration & Cultural Management from Humber College. Currently, Hunter-Gauthier is Assistant Curator with Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George, BC.


 Kim Stewart is a descendant of a Canadian Métis Fur Trade family and lives a blended Euro-Indigenous life. Using traditional Indigenous art techniques, drawing, painting and digital software, Kim constructs artwork that is informed by pop culture, memorabilia, historical documents and photos from her past. She has mentored with a variety of Indigenous Elders and is now a knowledge holder with more than 20 years’ experience in smoked-hide tanning, beadwork applique, and caribou/moose hair tufting. Her formal education includes diplomas in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration, and a Master’s Degree from SFU in Art Education.

Recently Kim was awarded a grant from the Canada Council of the Arts for her artistic research on the effects of Cowboy and Indian pop culture from the ‘50’s, 60’s and ‘70’s on Métis Identity. Kim has been invited to be an artist in residence at Emily Carr University multiple times, and presents and shows her work at conferences and public events. Along with her studio practice, Kim teaches and mentors artists online and one-on-one.


2nd Annual Ekphrastic Writing Exhibit

The PLRAC is also pleased to announce the second Annual Ekphrastic Juried Writing Exhibit being held in conjunction with the RJAE (Ekphrastic Exhibit opens at the 2020 Wild Words North). Visit the Ekphrastic Writing Juried Exhibit for all the details.



About the Regional Juried Art Exhibit

Held annually at one of the five PLRAC member locations, the Regional Juried Art Exhibit provides an opportunity for regional artists to exhibit their work throughout the region. Award winning works of art are chosen by the jurors and include Distinguished Representational Award, Distinguished Conceptual Award, Distinguished Three-Dimension Award, 9 Chosen Awards, Honorable Mentions, and a Toni Onley Artists’ Project Scholarship (sponsored by Island Mountain Arts).

With the sponsorship of the BC Arts Council, Peace River Regional District, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Encana, Island Mountain Arts and volunteers provided by the local arts council, the Regional Juried Art Exhibit sees growth in the number and quality of the art being exhibited every year.

Huge thanks to the sponsors and supporters of this event:


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